The Quirks of YL


Courtesy of Google

Rachel Seo, Photojournalist

Society has an annoying way of pinning archetypes on human beings. The cheerleaders are snobby, the athletes (or “jocks”) are dumb, the Asians are smart but socially stupid. These stereotypes are expected to define a particular person’s limitations and circle of friends, scholastic capabilities and finite achievements.

However, as one delves deeper into the depths of humanity, he or she may find that all stereotypes, in fact, are wrong. Whether it be OCD or odd obsession, all humans have some sort of quirk that distinguishes themselves out from all the others.

The students at Yorba Linda High School are no different from the rest of civilization. Enjoy the compiled list of zany procedures, practices, and habits that some students at YLHS have.


When freshman Lisa Mallat is nervous, she “cracks [her] fingers.”

Video Productions teacher Mr. Cadra claims that he’s “OCD about everything…everything has to be in a certain place. If someone moves something of [his], then [he] don’t know where it is.” He also likes “to wash [his] hands and keep them clean at all times.”

One of Marie Bae (11)’s pet peeves is “when teachers say the test is going to be on Monday, but they move it back to Friday.”

Vincent Serrano (10) “keeps a book in [his] backpack because it makes [him] feel more secure.”

Sophomore Caitlyn Ortiz always “needs a graphing calculator in [her] backpack. If [she] doesn’t have it, then [she] always feels like [her] day’s going to be bad.”

Cristina Chiappini (9) says that “when [she’s] scared, [she] has to cover [her] feet.”

Junior Erika Paul “hates when [her] papers are wrinkled…If [her] paper is crumpled even a little bit, or if the corner is messed up, [she’ll] throw it away and start all over again.”

Before Joseph Toubbeh (10) goes to track practice, “[he] looks at his [left] hand.”

Sophomore Marc Rubio “carries [his] lacrosse stick everywhere around [his] house.”

AP Euro and U.S. History teacher Mr. Buchan “only listens to radio stations on even numbers…” Also, “if the volume number is on an odd number, [he] goes crazy.”

Prabhleen Kaur (11) is “obsessed with Tadashi [from Big Hero 6]. [She] even bought a Big Hero 6 kids’ book full of pictures, just so [she] could look at him.”


Life is full of colorful people, old and young, big and small. It is only when one takes the time to know them that the world becomes a much more vibrant place.