The Bachelor Recap


Photo Courtesy of John Fleenor via Getty Images

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber sitting next to each at The Bachelor.

Claire Koltura, Photojournalist

The Bachelor ended with a two-day finale this past Monday and Tuesday, March 9 and 10. Many students at YLHS watched Peter Webber find his future wife and all the drama that came along. This ten-week journey, all documented on TV, had a lasting effect for many people tuned into the problematic process. Gradually, rumors spread of who Peter would end up with, a girl might be pregnant, or him finding the right woman to engage. While we have our own love life at school, we aren’t truly ready to endure such a challenge, like the individuals on this show.

In the beginning, Peter met 25 women and had to pick which ones would leave the very first night and who would stay. This all depends on Peter and the producers of which ones stay and which ones leave. During the time, it’s all about time while the girls battle it out to win and catch Peter’s attention. Some girls, Hannah Ann and Kelsey, even start off with a little drama with a champagne bottle. While others will come to Peter and steal him away, and the other girls lose that time with him, in the end, whether or not your battling was sharp enough leads you to the end.

Flash forward to the final three girls who made it, Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Victoria Fuller. This comes after these girls let Peter meet their parents the past week. Petter deeply connected with both Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss’s parents by describing the love and support he has for them. While Victoria Fuller never got the chance for Peter to meet her parents because of information about her ruining weddings spread by an ex-girlfriend of Peter. Even though this happened on the show, Victoria wasn’t sent home while Kelsey Weier was sent back to not move on. The three finalists will now move onto the fantasy suites and discuss difficult topics while they prove to Peter that they should be engaged.

Through the three dates, Peter went on one of the girls will be sent home while the other two will stay and meet Peter’s parents. Victoria Fuller was assigned back because of her relationship and consistent emotions bottled up and not moving past them. The next day, the final two met with Peter’s parents separately, and both had majorly different outcomes.

Hannah Ann Sluss met Peter’s family first and was a favorite to his mother, Barbara. On the other hand, Madison Prewett was not. She was torn by Barbara and wasn’t giving up anything for the relationship. Madison had her religious beliefs pulled about by Barbara, and that wasn’t something she could give up to an extent to make Barbara satisfied. After their meeting, Madison talked to Peter and left the show because of the way she was treated. The last woman standing was Hannah Ann, and Peter proposed to her after discussing the fact that Madison had left. Hannah Ann, from the bachelor nations’ point of view, was a second choice, and she realizes that a month later when they meet again after Australia.

When Hannah Ann Sluss comes back to Peter’s house in California, they discuss their engagement and where they are at with one another. Peter goes on talking about his feelings and emotions towards the whole situation. Major red flags fly up for Hannah Ann in which she hands Peter back the engagement ring, states her opinion, and walks away. Things turn majorly, and Peter acts completely differently as she is walking into the car. Hannah crying says in some way that she’s not putting up with it. During the season, finally, she posts on Instagram with the caption “Flyin’ solo… no turbulence accepted. PERIOD.” This caption really describes Hannah Ann’s strength and how she doesn’t want any unnecessary drama and that she’s moving on.

Later in the last episode, Chris Harrison left to fly to Auburn, Alabama. In which he met with Madison, the woman who gave Peter the “Alta matim.” In many words, Madison wishes she held things differently with Peter and hearing the news Peter’s engagement broke off. Harrison later tells Madison, “He ended his engagement because of his feelings for you.” This leads to the final conclusion that Chris says in Peter’s dreams he’s supposed to be with you, and Madison packed her bags to head to Peter’s hometown in Westlake, California. When she sees Peter, she says, “Hi,” and Peter looks confused and joyous at the same time. Cameras stitch from the moment they meet at Peter’s smiling face.

The two went to sit down and took a moment to talk about why Madison came back to him. Madison expresses her feelings to the definition that her heart has an exponential amount of love to share with Peter. Peter then says,” I made a million in one mistake,” but yet he knows that he fell in a deep all of love with Madison. Madison and Peter haven’t seen each other since that day as Chris asks Peter if he loves Madison and stops calmly and says, “Yes’ ‘. Madison then walks onto the stage for the Finale and talks about her thoughts of her conversation. Peter then says they’re extremely hurt, yet they’re going to work together to make it work.

In the end, Peter and Madison are taking their journey day by day. But Barbara, his mother, dislikes Madison and explains this with major detail; the father tells his side of the story and just wants the best for Peter. Madison and Peter both decide it a personal matter to talk alone, both their relationship without the outside influence of Peter’s mother and national television. Madison emphatically explains to Peter’s mother that she will not ruin this, and this is her journey as well. Whether or not the relationship between Babara and Madison gets better, they are separately strong women who value their opinions about Peter.

All in all, this ending was different and isn’t over yet by all means. Whether the Bachelor Nation loves the drama and end. It’s safe to say this season was one for the books or a waste of one’s three months.  Paige Porter (11) explains, “this bachelor season was not like the ones in the past and had a wild ending. Peter was extremely skeptical about his decision making. I feel like some girls shouldn’t have been sent home by Peter, but the ball is in his court, and he played well.”