Happy Veterans Day!

Courtesy of acrdepos.com

Courtesy of acrdepos.com

Nikhil Patolia and

It’s finally Veterans Day–a day to thank all who have served our country.  Although some students may just see it as just a day off from school, Veteran’s Day is a touching day for all the veterans who have served our country. It is the one time of year that this nation is united in its thanks for its who have served in the armed forces. These valiant men and women have protected our freedom and our home.


Today, our veterans are reminded of their sacrifice for their country and how their experience in the armed forces affected their lives and those lives that they fought for.  It is crucial that we thank these veterans for their tremendous sacrifice to this nation and for protecting our freedom.  Just a simple “Thank you” to a veteran can mean so much. All veterans deserve gratitude and giving thanks to them acknowledges that they have sacrificed much so that this nation might remain free. Mr. Gammon, a prominent member of the community and a veteran of the Persian Gulf War,  states, “I think everyone should try to thank veterans on Veterans Day.” Thanking a veteran can go such a long way;  it shows that we care.  The mere act of saying just those two words can make their day.

It makes me grateful that they acknowledge me for the time that I spent serving our nation.”

— Mr. Gammon


This day is clearly not just a day off school, but a day of monumental importance to the United States of America. Rather than passively letting this day pass, we should instead treat this day with the highest respect. We should make it a priority to recognize our veterans for the crucial role they have played in our nation’s protection. This day is the day to express gratitude for those willing to lay down their lives, so that we might sleep safely under the blanket of freedom. Surely, we can go out of our way to acknowledge those that have sacrificed so much for our safety. With such dedicated veterans, it is no wonder that American is the land of the free and the home of the brave.