The Fabulous Career Day

I mean, who wouldn’t like Career Day?


The YLHS Career day presenters did a phenomenal job!

Taylor Chelliah, Photojournalist

We, as Yorba Linda High School students, are simply amazing. We have incredibly bright students, talented in all areas such as the arts and athletics. But, most of us have no idea what we want to do in life. Chances are, not all of our spectacular athletes will choose their favorite sport as a profession. Clearly, Career Day is a boon to us students.


Numerous people in Orange County take time out of their day to come to our high school and tell us about their impressive jobs. The best part, though, is the extreme diversity from all areas of careers. We have chemists, entrepreneurs, actresses, pharmacists pilots, judges, veterinarians, and even chiropractors visit Yorba Linda High School to discuss their occupations.


We were able to ask a few of those people on their opinions of what they feel about Yorba Linda High School’s Career Day and their impact on the students listening to their thought out and well-planned presentations.


Judge Craig Griffin of OC Superior Court, stated, “I think it is important for young people to be exposed to them [careers] and just know what is out there.” Griffin also showed much enthusiasm in his sessions, giving him a extremely interesting and quite humorous outlook to the students who attended. He also was very good in answering any question given to him by the students.


Allen Perry, a trial lawyer and owner of Law Offices of Allan Perry, commented, “I think it is awesome. I wish I had something like this in high school. To help kids this early in life, it is tremendous for them and it is really eye-opening.” He even made a joke inquiring if the newspaper will say how bad his presentation was. On the contrary, he did a stunning demonstration and passed out candy to anyone who answers his questions he had in his performance.


Kari Voorhees, one of the three founders of Brock, Martin & Voorhees, declared, “I think it is a good thing that there is so much people showing students so many different careers.” Her reason on being here was different from most of the occupants. She told all the students how to get through law school and what they would be getting themselves into if they choose to pursue law in the future; she even had examples of questions you need to get into law school.


Now, these are only three examples out of the fifty participants in this year’s Career Day, but the rest were just as amazing. From the veterinarian, who brought live puppies with her, to the CEO of Pizza Hut giving the students free pizza, this year’s Career Day was packed with numerous brilliant speakers. They certainly outdid themselves from last year, and this had definitely been a great Career Day for Yorba Linda High School and its students.