YLFBLA Stepping up for Southern Section


Kobi Khong

Yorba Linda Future Business Leaders at Section 2018-19

Kobi Khong, Photojournalist

In the weeks leading up to February 22nd, members of Yorba Linda’s Future Business Leaders of America Club have been studying and testing out in their respective competitive events in preparation for the Southern Section Conference at Valencia High School in Placentia. Schools across Southern California will arrive to compete in events ranging from public speaking to Introduction to Informational Technology as students across the section hope to place within their events and make their way to the State Leadership Conference which is being held in Ontario from April 23-26th. 

Due to the immense amount of YLFBLA students eager for a chance at championship, our chapter had more members than were allowed to compete, and in order to determine who would represent Yorba Linda High School at Section, YLFBLA held mock exams on Tuesday afternoon.

The two objective events (multiple choice events) overflowing with applicants were Introduction to Business Communication and Introduction to Financial Math. Given a multiple choice test consisting of 50 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes, students put their academic and practical knowledge skills to the test, and although every single member went beyond expectations, a handful of students were chosen to compete for Yorba Linda in February.

For the Introduction to Financial Math event, four students qualified: Aiden Holihan (10), Camille Khong (9), David Van Dyke (10), and Suhani Bhanvadia (10); within Introduction to Business Communications four students also qualified, Ameerah Hirji (10), Angel Takang (10), along with Camille Khong and Suhani Bhanvadia who both qualified for both events.

For speaking events, Sinead Roche (10) stole the show within her Introduction to Public Speaking event, and Timothy Lee (10) astounded our judges with his work in Impromptu Speaking!

This year’s National Leadership Conference is taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah over the summer, and Yorba Linda’s Future Business Leaders of America Club is hoping to continue their running streak of qualifying for Nationals every year. Although the competition looks tough, YLFBLA is confident in its members and their abilities to rise to the occasion. 

When asked for her thoughts on Future Business Leaders of America and the competition ahead, Camille Khong, said, “I’m so happy that I am going to be able to compete in my events, and I’m so excited for the year ahead, I can’t wait to meet new people and make YLFBLA proud!”. All in all, the outlook for our very own local “Future Business Leaders” looks pretty bright.