The Effects of Social Media on this Generation

Examples of some social media apps.

Examples of some social media apps.

Salma Almoradi, Photojournalist

In the year of 2019, more than 2.7 billion people use social media worldwide. Throughout the years of social media usage, the effects of social media is being revealed. There are many negative effects on users, especially the younger generations.


With everyone posting their whole lives online, it has proven to cause a great amount of depression; whether the posts are positive or negative. Normally, users only post the good things going on in their life. This causes viewers to compare their lives to others, feeling that they are the only ones with negative things in their lives when in reality, no one has a perfect life.


In addition, social media causes sleep deprivation and decrease of grades. Many waste their time distracted on their phones, including at night. Planning to check on different media sources before going to sleep or for a study break for only a little bit of time, users end up losing track of time and looking at an endless cycle of posts and comments for hours. This shortens the amount of time they have to sleep or complete schoolwork.


To a certain extent, social media also causes addiction. For example, when children get their phones or social media taken away, they seem to lose their minds because of no interaction with social media applications or fast access to news on other users posts.


As people mindlessly comment on posts, there is usually no realization on how much some words can be effective. Some negative comments posted cause posters to lose self esteem for being judged, called overweight, ugly, etc. Other than comments, simply a post showing the “perfect girl” causes other girls to feel insecure, as if they are not good enough.


Social media can also take a toll on relationships. One user might send another a direct message, not knowing their relationship status, and one who might be taken can be tempted to start talking back, leading on to what could be considered cheating. Some posts could expose one’s relationship with another or even make it seem like so when it might not be true. Simply even, a nice comment might cause the other partner to feel jealous and start a fight.


Lastly, social media causes a feeling of loneliness. Posts about relationships with partners, family, and friends causes other users who might not have any  feel alone. The constant usage of social media or posting something wrong can also cause loss in friends, family, or a partner. Discussing the matter with friends, Alex Hindeleh (12), has noticed himself going on social media too much and “is trying to use less social media and focus more on his studying, family and friends.” To help him, he puts the setting on his phone that doesn’t allow him to the certain media apps for the time selected Social media has clearly had a great effect on users and it is important to pay attention when it comes to using it to make sure it is in a controlled manner.