Abduction Survivor Midsi Sanchez Starts Child Safety Foundation


Midsi Sanchez; photo courtesy of Vallejo Times Herald

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Almost two decades ago, Midsi Sanchez was eight years old when she survived a harrowing ordeal of being abducted by a stranger in Vallejo. She was an elementary school student walking home from school when she was kidnapped by a stranger named Curtis Dean Anderson. As an elementary student, Midsi Sanchez was walking home from school when she was kidnapped by a stranger named Curtis Dean Anderson. He kept her for three days before she was able to escape. After experiencing something so traumatic, Sanchez was never the same. PTSD from her terrifying experience led to alcoholism as she tried to forget the nightmare. Over time, Midsi began to realize that alcohol was not the way to heal. In 2009, Sanchez reached out to the family of Sandra Cantu, whose daughter was missing in Tracy.  Her presence helped the family of Sandra overcome their anxiety. By helping the Sandras, Sanchez realized she had a knack for helping families overcoming distressing circumstances. Recently Sanchez started her own foundation to bring child safety programs to elementary schools. The foundation would focus on the prevention of abduction and abuse. Sanchez explained how it is more of a healing process. She gets to use her trauma for triumph. Her mission is advocacy for the protection of children.

The Midsi Sanchez Foundation focuses on child safety, abduction and abuse prevention — matters that have influenced Sanchez for nearly a decade. Sanchez compiles information and data from expert sources in order to create a source that families can use to keep their children safe. One of which is an abduction prevention video that recreates her kidnap scenario, and suggests ways it could have gone differently. She has also created a skit with puppets to engage children while also teaching them important lessons about staying safe. Sanchez has said on multiple accounts that she is not defined by what happened to her, but that her story is a tool to help others and give them a reason for hope.

Sanchez is living proof that even when life gets hard, anyone can overcome those obstacles. With desire and passion,  one can transform into the best version of oneself. Everyone is worthy of true healing to stay alive and to live their best life. The work Sanchez is doing is essential because the public should know the gruesome truth about the crimes that could target their families and their children. Bringing awareness to sexual assaults, violent crimes and abductions, and teaching preventative techniques, are the sole purposes for which the Midsi Sanchez Foundation is said to have been founded. It is amazing to see someone create an organization in hopes of saving lives and influencing a  brighter future for all children.