Micheal Cohen’s Search Warrants Released

Salma Almoradi, Photojournalist

On Tuesday March 16, 2019, hundreds of pages of Michael Cohen’s search warrant documents were released. After seeing this evidence, it is proven that Cohen has been a target of Mueller ever since Trump’s campaign especially when investigators started searching through  everything from Cohen’s email accounts from his phone records to historical data of his cell phones’ locations the month prior to the election in 2016. This material has been a great threat to Trump’s presidency. After Mueller’s investigation dragged on for almost two years, many were trying put a stop to it; but the new information released proves that Mueller’s team is didn’t give up to come to their conclusion.


The released documents included some edited materials related to the payments he made to silence women who claimed to have encounters with Trump around the time of the election. This is because the campaign finance violations related to an ongoing investigation on whether any executives at the Trump Organization have committed any crimes connected to the company’s attempts to compensate Cohen for one of the payments.


Although the prosecutors were able to examine a majority of Cohen’s emails on the documents, they have been unable to search the account he used while working for the Trump Organization. It is not clear from the document if prosecutors tried but  were denied a search warrant for that account or if they were unable to access it for another reason. Material that was taken from Cohen had to go through a long process and was determined to what was subject to attorney. Most likely, the prosecutors were still not able to review Cohen’s Trump Organization email account through the search warrant.


Although he has already been sentenced to prison for three years for misconduct, apparently, even more crimes were found that he hasn’t been charged with but should have been. For example, he violated foreign lobby laws and was guilty of money laundering. Clearly, Mueller and his team had a an idea of some of the lies that were going on. This long overdue twenty two months investigation led to thirty seven people being charged. After talking to Safia Khan (12) about the matter, she is afraid of “the whole thing just being another scandal.” This investigation truly revealed some of the dirty games that are being played and it makes people wonder whether government officials will ever keep it clean.