Recap of the 2019 Oscars

Rami Malek giving his speech after winning Best Actor.

Rami Malek giving his speech after winning Best Actor.

Salma Almoradi, Photojournalist

Sunday, February 24, 2019, at 5:00 PM in the Dolby Theatre was one of the more important events of the year: The Oscars. At its 91st year, it was definitely one for the books. Although there was no host for the first time since 1989 after Kevin Hart stepped down, it was still a very successful show. The event started off with the actual band, Queen, performing the song “We Are the Champions” enthusiastically on stage and concluded with the announcement of the winner of best picture: Greenbook.


There were many highlights throughout the show. For example, Alfonso Cuarón’s wins for Best Cinematography and Best Director represented Roma well and gave a great and well-spoken speech. At the same time, Vice won for Best Makeup and Hairstyling but winners Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, and Patricia Dehaney couldn’t split up their collaborative speech without talking over each other. The number one best moment for sure was Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga beautifully singing the song  “Shallow” together in harmony and an indescribable connection as they looked into each other’s eyes. After seeing that performance, Safia Khan (12) wishes that “Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would get together because they would be such a great couple.”


Speaking of Lady Gaga, she also made a dramatic entrance, crying on to the stage to accept her award after “Shallow” was announced for Best Original Song. Gaga felt so honored to win such an honor! One of the most inspiring speeches by far was Spike Lee’s when winning his first Oscar for, BlackkKlansman, as Best Adapted Screenplay. He mentioned how his journey started, and then ended the speech acknowledging the next elections in 2020 and suggesting for everyone to do the right thing in regards to it. Rami Malek additionally gave an exceptional speech for winning Best Actor because of the spectacular job he did playing the leading role in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Talking about how happy he was to be a part of a film that talked about immigrants and gay marriage, he felt that he was representing a part of his own story as a first generation Egyptian immigrant. Malek also mentioned that was even more honored to be a small part of Queen’s legacy representing Freddie Mercury in the movie.

Winning Best Actress for playing the leading role in the movie The Favourite, Olivia Colman gave a light-hearted speech, although she appeared shocked for winning such an honor. Chuckling and mentioning how stressful it was to be on stage giving the speech, she promised a “massive snog” to the names she’d forgotten to thank on stage and ended with a kiss and saying “ahh, Lady Gaga” for her last words when time was running out. Lastly, Ruth Carter, winning for Best Costume Design and  Hannah Beachler, winning for Best Production Design for the movie Black Panther, were proud for positively representing the African American community as well as making history.  In conclusion, the Oscars 2019, though unusual, were truly entertaining and definitely memorable.