Top 10 Cliche Halloween Costumes


Angelica Macario

Mickey the Mustang in his rejected Halloween costumes.

Sara Kharazmi, Photojournalist

Halloween is the one day when one can dress up in any wacky costume, and, people love to embrace the weirdest costumes they can find. However, for those of you who are not willing to do so, here are some of the most commonly used themes for Halloween costumes:

10. Queen and King: This “dynamic duo” is extremely popular for couples. Who can blame them? Who wouldn’t feel powerful as a powerful monarch who can do whatever for as much candy, or looks at a party?

9. Superhero: Cut out a piece of cardboard and decorate with your logo and grab a cape to save the world deprived of candy.

8. Dorothy: GIRLY ALERT! Dorothy has come down from the ladder, but that doesn’t mean it’s not popular as one of the most popular costumes.

7. Alice in Wonderland: Similar to the previous, this is another girly costume where girls tend to navigate towards. As well as, this costume is so versatile, seen as a single outfit, or a group of girls staple costume.

6. Angel: Arch nemesis of the next, this costume is mostly seen to be a couples outfit or a single girl costume.

5. Devil: Halloween is a holiday for the evil, so why not be a devil? Accessorize with ears, wings, and a pitch fork and you are set.

4. Nerd: Boy or girl, girl and boy, this costume is so popular, no description is needed for this outfit. It’s classy, fun, and well, NERDY!

3. Witch: Another evil costume is worn wildly for Halloween. Being a witch is fun because one may feel powerful and evil for one night, as a witch does have her strong spells.

2. Cat: Again, girls continuously dress-up as this so often that it is now socially acceptable to be a feline friend annually.

1. Ghost: This ever-so-classic and easy to make costume is made with a white bed sheet and is cut with two eye holes for the sake of humans. If this isn’t the easiest to make, what is?

From King and Queen to a ghost, the Halloween costumes listed are the most seen and cliche of the many costumes known to man. For 2014, spice it up a bit and be something unique and not-so-seen rather than the ones mentioned above. Have fun loading your stomach with tasty candies!