All About Alexander Hindeleh


Marianna Hindeleh

Alex when he traveled to New York.

Salma Almoradi, Photojournalist

Whether it is his education or his extracurricular activities, Alexander Hindeleh successes at it all. Many of his friends and family call him “Alex.” Being only sixteen years old as a senior, Alex has accomplished many things. For example, Alex is currently a member of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) leadership program as well as the American Red Cross Society. As an AP and Honors student, son, brother, and athlete, Alex has a busy schedule.

With everything on his plate, Alex still manages to maintain an impressive GPA. In his freetime, Alex enjoys taking pictures, traveling to new places, hiking, playing tennis, spending time with friends, and trying new cuisines. Having an interest in traveling, Alex has been to different places in the world like Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Arizona, Nevada, New York, and Washington D.C.; not including the several countries he’s lived in. Alex moved here when he was a middle schooler, previously living in Palestine, Greece, and Cypress as he is from all three of those countries.

Within his four years at Yorba Linda High, like any other student, he has taken many rigorous classes. Out of all the classes he has taken his favorite subject would be Chemistry Honors because it was very interesting and the workload taught him immense discipline and time management skills. Another reason Alex enjoyed Chemistry Honors was  due to the fact that his favorite teacher was teaching the subject. When questioned about his favorite teacher Alex said Mrs. Luxa without hesitation, because she is caring and makes sure her students actually understand the material.

So far, Alex’s favorite part of high school has been being able to spend time with his closest friends. If he could give incoming students advice, he would tell them to “enjoy every moment because time goes by faster than you think” and to “turn a bad day into a lesson.” As  a senior, Alex hopes to be more involved this last year and continue to make more amazing memories.

After asking a couple of Alex’s friends about him, they all would smile as they answer the question. It shows how amazing Alex truly is. For example, his friend Erica Casillas (12) feels like “whenever [she] needs to laugh, [she] goes to Alex.” Also, his best friend Caleb Gonzalez (12) “knows that Alex will always be there for him since Alex has been there through the toughest of times and considers him to be like a brother.” In the end, Alex would describe himself as a funny and caring person who thrives to make himself better everyday.