Mustang Stampede On! Eldo Vs. YL


Salma Almoradi

A picture of the stadium as the game starts.

Salma Almoradi, Photojournalist

On the Friday night of September 28, 2018, it was a big night for the Yorba Linda High School football team. It was the most important game of the year: the rival game versus El Dorado High School. Although it was not the usual rival (Esperanza High School), the game was exceptional. With students from both schools crowding over the stadium, the support was better than ever. A beautiful mix of navy, crimson, and silver on one side, and black and yellow on the other filled the stadium. The sound of unity as Yorba Linda High Schoolers chanted the cheers they learned from the spirit rally showed amazing school spirit. Everyone was waiting anxiously because of being so ecstatic to watch this game. Amazing performance by Cheer and Song, color guard, and band also contributed to the student’s lively spirit.


Once the game finally started, everyone started to focus on the game but kept cheering on their team. The intensity in the stadium was unreal. Whenever a touchdown was scored, the students’  excitement was unbelievable. Students would quickly take their phones out to snapchat with their friends cheering, film the touchdown or score board, and capture the memorable times they were having. During halftime, everyone would rush down to use the restroom or go get a snack; the line getting longer and longer, overwhelming the workers running the stands. As the game is about to resume, students push around to make it back to their seats in time. Once the game started again, one of the YLHS football players, Ricky Lane (12), did a memorable job defending for his team. By the end of the game, Yorba Linda High School Students were more excited than ever. The score was 34- 3 and the Yorba Linda High School had defeated their rival El Dorado.


As the game just ended, and the celebration of the winning team was finally dying down a little, students were energetically rushing out of the stadium to either get picked up or to get to their cars. The impressive amount of school pride from both schools was amazing. It showed  how blessed the students are to be able to go to such talented schools like these. Alex Hindeleh (12) was “never prouder to be a Mustang.” Also, another student Safia Khan (12) felt more motivated to go to more games and show school spirit because “it was one of the best and most memorable times [she has] had.” Clearly, this game was a big night for both Yorba Linda and El Dorado.