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Bail Bonds: The Ultimate Manifestation of Capitalism

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In the United States, over 2.3 million people incarcerated. Often, when people commit crimes and are charged with a prison sentence, they are assigned a bail, which is a cash payment that could be made in exchange for freedom from prison. Many civil rights activists have been protesting the idea of bonds for a multitude of reasons.

The main argument against America’s current system of bail is the idea that it “preys on the poor and fuels mass incarceration” (NBC). Because financial gain is involved with the issuing of bail, many see them as incentive for the United State’s prisons- both public and private- to sentence people harshly. So, the central belief in those who oppose bail is that it is at the expense of people’s livelihood, where there are more people than necessary who go to prison because of the financial gain of their possible bail.


Many activists, such as Udi Ofer of the American Civil Liberties Union, plan on working against the bail bond companies and their lobbying tactics, which try to influence lawmakers to side with the corporations rather than the imprisoned. Ofer and his group petitions against these lawmakers by exposing the names of those who work closely with corrupt lobbyists. These so called “bail disruptors” aim to relieve thousands of people who they believe have been unjustly held in prison (NBC).


At Yorba Linda High School, senior Nikita Kheni shares that she agrees with the work of the “disruptors,” and that it is “noble work” that is a “small step towards ending the disgusting reality” that many Americans, especially those in poverty, are often “stripped of their humanity” and are replaced with a price tag.


Those who are in favor of bail bonds- if not for their own personal financial gain- believe that the financial issue can present a physical incentive to criminals to stay away from crimes that would send them to prison in the first place. However, advocates against bonds rebuttal by contending bonds gives criminals a way out of crime, especially those of wealthier class who can afford to pay their way out of a serious crime, putting the public, once again, in danger.


Overall, the fight towards reforming bail bonds is gaining traction with several Congressmen and women who plan on aiding those who fall victim to unfair sentencing and high bonds. Whether it be the bail companies themselves or bail loan companies, there is profit for many on the horizon, and the fight to end them will not be a simple and quick task.


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Bail Bonds: The Ultimate Manifestation of Capitalism