Stagecoach vs. Coachella


Thousand of people each year go to both Coachella and Stagecoach.

Delaney Pietsch , Photojournalist

Thousands of people from all over the world travel to attend both Coachella and Stagecoach. Both of these events happen to be outdoor concerts that last over the course of three days; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Both of these events are very trendy in today’s world, and many people go to the festivals mainly for the pictures. But which concert is necessarily better, if both of them are pretty much the same thing.

One main difference between the two events is the type of music that is being performed. Coachella has singers from Beyonce to Cardi B that perform over the course of the weekend. The artists featured during the Coachella concerts tend to be more towards the rap and pop culture type of music. On the contrary, Stagecoach is pretty much just country everything. Everyone that performs is a country singer.

Another big difference between the two events is the way people dress. People that attend Stagecoach tend to dress more western. Almost everyone can be seen wearing cowboy boots. There is also a ton of flannel and denim print around the site. This festival also gives many of the men an excuse to walk around shirtless. In comparison to this, Coachella’s fashion is on the more trendy side. The people that attend Coachella are normally more famous, so they tend to buy more expensive clothes for the event. Many people are seen in shorts and a crop top or a trendy shirt. There is also a lot of glitter spread around for many of the people to wear. According to Safia Khan (11), she would “definitely go to Coachella just for the styles alone.”

In addition, the food that is served at both events. Coachella has many healthy and expensive options. Many food companies from Los Angeles come out and cater for the event. Stagecoach has anything that has to do with meat. Western food is most likely going to be the only thing there to eat.

Finally, the last difference is the venues Coachella and Stagecoach are held at. Stagecoach is a much smaller event. There are only three stages, making it easy to walk between each stage. On the other hand, Coachella has grown in size since it first opened. Now there are seven stages that performers sing on. This definitely makes it harder to move from stage to stage to see different people perform.

There is no doubt that both of these festivals will ensure a good time. With great food, trendy styles, and amazing music from both events, there is no way a weekend here could be bad.