“Gogh” to the Art Show


Juliette Fournier

YLHS held its annual Art Show featuring the work of students from all of the Fine Arts programs offered.

Juliette Fournier, Photojournalist

YLHS had its annual art show in the YLHS library on May 23 and May 24th. Every year, this show is open to all students and teachers throughout the school day. On the first day of its opening, it is also available to the public from 6 to 8 PM.

Every visual arts class is featured in this show: Art Fundamentals, Drawing and Painting, Advanced Drawing and Painting, AP Studio Art, Photography,  Advanced Photography, AP Photography, Ceramics, AP Ceramics, 3D Art, AP 3D Art, Commercial Art, and Animation. Throughout the school year, all of the students whose work is displayed have put forth hours of work to produce their pieces. Many of these students have also had their artwork displayed in other art shows, most notably the District Art Show.

The students have varying levels of experience with art. Art Fundamentals teaches the most basic principles of art to those who have little to no experience. The more advanced the classes, the more experience the students have.

One of the most unique parts of the show was created by Mrs. Fritz’s 3D Art class. Each student created a dining plate for a famous person or character. This dining table was open to interpretation by students. Each one designed a dinner plate according to the personality of the character or person. For example, one student designed their plate for Buddy the Elf from the movie “Elf,” where the plate was complete with felt spaghetti and felt candy. Another student designed their plate for Dr. Seuss by creating a plate of felt green eggs and ham served on the infamous red and white striped hat of the Cat in the Hat.

Juliette Fournier
This dining table was created by the 3D Art class.

Several students from various art classes shared some of their thought on the Art Show and some insight on the class that they have taken:

Fiona Hsu (11) was a part of the AP Studio Art class this year and had several of her paintings displayed throughout the show. Her favorite piece was a sculpture by Kai Trihn (10) entitled “Father Time and Mother Nature,” which was a “two-sided combination of male and female mannequins, decorated with mosaics, leaves, bronze mechanic gears, and an actual moving clock” within the sculpture. When asked which class seemed the most intriguing, Fiona replied AP Photography, a class she plans on taking next year. Fiona definitely would recommend taking AP Studio Art since it has helped her to “improve and excel in both traditional and conceptual art.”

Christine Ding (11) from the Ceramics class also had some of her pieces featured in the show. In her opinion, Irene Manouselis’s (11) sculpture of a hedgehog was one of the best pieces in the show since it was “very cute and creative.” Christine adds that she would like to take a higher level Ceramics class since Ceramics is an “interesting class and every piece of clay has its own meaning” which turns into something “unique and different” depending on the artist. She adds that Mr. Hendry (staff) is an amazing teacher.

Another student, Alyssa Pepito (11), also had her work presented in the show. As a part of the Commercial Art class offered by YLHS, she recommends the class “to other students because it is a fun way to create your own designs and print it on a shirt for others to wear. It’s nice to show off your own creations to others… and it gives you experience in graphic design and screen printing.” Alyssa couldn’t pick her favorite piece but loved “the paintings that were on display in the administration.” Outside of Commercial Art, she would want to try 3D Art since their pieces were “really interesting and looked fun to make.”

Mary Liu (11), who was in AP Photography this year, had some photographs scattered throughout the art show. Her favorite piece was a white vase made by Athena Kieu (11), but she emphasizes that she “loved all the ceramics pieces.” It’s no surprise that Ceramics would be the class she would want to try out. Mary would “recommend… [AP Photography]… to others since it’s a lot of fun and we learn a lot about photography.”

Thank you to all of the students for showing us the amazing works of art that can be produced by the students of YLHS. Also a huge shoutout to all of the fine art teachers, Mr. Cadra, Mrs. Fritz, Ms. Carson, Mr. Hendry, and Mr. Eliot, who taught and encouraged all these students to help them create all these outstanding pieces.