Mustang Music Review: Snarky Puppy


Brandon Burns, Photojournalist

What music defines this generation? The 60’s had the Beatles, the 70’s had Disco, 80’s had the synthesizer, and the 90’s had grunge music. but what about the 2000’s? As Mr. Cadra said, “I couldn’t really tell you… the 2000’s have had a little bit of everything.” and that is very true. We really don’t have a specific genre that defines our generation. Some might say it was Dubstep, maybe techno, R&B or Pop. But a genre that isn’t much talked about is jazz. Jazz is a genre invited in the late 20th century and early 20th. It has slowly become less relevant but it has changed and become something truly amazing. one band that has epitomized the ingenuity of jazz music is the band Snarky Puppy.


Snarky Puppy is a band that few to no readers will know, but you wouldn’t know that from their record sales. With their newest album “We Like It Here” the band reached #1 on the Itunes Jazz Charts and also recently won a Grammy award for best R&B Performance in 2014. Since they began, Snarky Puppy has developed themselves into one of the leading figures in Fusion Jazz and Instrumental Rock. The band has been around for 10 years, originally formed in Texas by Michael League with a majority of their 40 musicians being from the University of Texas. They have toured together in over 4 continents with about 200 Concerts performed each year. But the members of the band are constantly moving around and working with other people, so their band lineup is always in movement. So when would they have time to record you ask? Well, at most concerts, the band will record songs for the albums. This gives each song this new life that most music doesn’t have. Because with their music you have the presence of the opportunity for mistake, but you also have the opportunity for pure magic.


The band is not only committed to changing the music industry, but also with helping in the community.  They are constantly doing community outreach programs with a group called ROAM (Roots of American Music). the group helps bring music of all different genres such as Blues, Country, Gospel, Cajun, Jazz, Motown and early Rock. the group hold hundreds of arts-integrated programs for youth and diverse communities, using all those kinds of music, to help educate the kids and teach them about the music around them. With this group, Snarky Puppy has brought not only their music to a whole new generation, but have helped inspire kids who may have needed some inspiring.


Though not the Nicki Minaj or Eminem of the Jazz music industry, they have truly revitalized this style into the new age and have helped it grow and prosper in the ever changing musical landscape that we have today.