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Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

Homecoming is all the rave right now. But what if that’s not your thing? Just because you’re not into homecoming, doesn’t mean you’re anti school, it just isn’t your cup of tea (pun intended). But then again you also don’t want to feel left out on the night that everyone is going to be out and about socializing and mingling. So what could a non homecoming goer do on a night where everyone is at YLHS’ homecoming? “I have no idea what to do on homecoming night! I want to do something that’s just as cool as homecoming but I have no idea what to do!” claims Kelly Fagan (11). Hmmm… let’s go over the rainbow and see some fun substitutes you could do on homecoming night!


Who says dressing up is only for special occasions and high school dances? I say grab your friends and put on that special dress with the perfect pair of shoes, or your spiffy button up and head out for a nice dinner and spend your night out in the bustling night life. Maybe splurge a little and go out to the nice dinner you’re always talking about, or try that new restaurant everyone seems to be raving about. That way you have something to talk about when everyone else is talking about the dance. Kyla Qumsieh (11) says, “Dressing up always makes an even seem more formal and fancy. So why not dress up whenever we can?”


Why not go to the happiest place on Earth with a few friends and spend the night walking around and riding rides all night at Disneyland. They don’t call it the happiest place on Earth for nothing. Grab a couple friends and spend the night under the glittering lights of the amusement park rides and stuff yourself with heavenly amusement park food. Remember, Disneyland has its Halloween decorations up to celebrate the season, so don’t forget to take a few selfies in front of that big orange pumpkin!


The infamous Knotts Scary Farm or Universal Halloween Horror Nights will be an exciting alternative to homecoming. Grab your friends and head on down to Knotts or Universal Studios for a night filled with terror and surprises. Be sure to take lots of pictures with the crazy dressed up monsters trying to scare you for an Instagram worthy photo!


Another option is Netflix. Who wouldn’t want to chill at home and binge watch your favorite series or have a movie marathon with your friends. Just be sure to have lots of junk food to satisfy the midnight movie munchies!


Speaking of movies, all the movie theaters are probably going to be a little less crowded because that night is homecoming, so why not take advantage and watch that scary movie everyone has been dying to see? Grab you buddies and head down to the movies with large popcorns and large sodas in tow.


These are just a few suggestions for alternatives to homecoming. At the end of the day Mustangs, it’s about the people you are with rather than the places you go. So no matter what you do, you’ll have a great time with the people you care about. But ultimately Mustangs, remember to stay safe and make memories!