Fashion Blogs to Worship

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Pauline Ngo, Photojournalist

Lately, fashion blogging is becoming more popular. These bloggers cover all types of fashion, from top brands to even the smallest designers. The purpose for these blogs is to give inspiration/ advice and to teach people how to style their clothing. The list below includes top bloggers who will definitely give you ideas on how to revamp your style.


  • Song of Style: Aimee Song, from Los Angeles, gets around two million blog views a month. If you are into lots of prints and patterns, Song of Style is the blog for you! Her style is very chic and sophisticated.


  • Cupcakes and Cashmere: Los Angeles blogger, Emily Schuman, is very popular among women across the country. She is known for her DIYs, posts on food, and especially her outfits. She resembles Taylor Swift, so if you are into the retro trend this blog is perfect for you!


  • Atlantic-Pacific: Blair Eadie acquires 1.8 million page visits a month. Her clothes combination is quite unique since her style is an “East-Coast-preppy-meets-California- boho style.” If you like the juxtaposition of these two separate styles in one outfit, you will definitely love her.


  • Fashion Toast: Rumi Neely inspires numerous top bloggers. In fact, without her, they would probably never exist. Her photos depict a laid back vibe; she rarely looks at the camera to give off a natural look. All her pictures are set in different locations all over the world. Her style is very California-esque, which is ideal for most girls here at YLHS.


  • Wendy’s Lookbook: Wendy Nguyen not only has a blog but also a YouTube. It’s your lucky day if scarfs are your staple piece for your outfits. She can teach you 25 ways to tie a scarf! Almost all her clothes have a pop of color, so if you have something bright in your closet, check out her lookbook for inspiration on how to incorporate color into your everyday outfits.



  • He Spoke Style: Brian Sacawa is actually a musician, but he discovered that there is a relationship between style and music; thus, he created a blog to share his style with others. Brian’s style is businesslike set in the 1920s. So guys, if you own lots of blazers, Brian will undoubtedly help you style them.