Student Spotlight: Julianna Thrasher

Julianna poses here before the Winter Formal dance this year.

Photo courtesy of Julianna Thrasher

Julianna poses here before the Winter Formal dance this year.

Bridgette Roberts, Photojournalist

On Monday night, May 15th, 2017, YLHS held its annual Senior Awards night. Out of all the awards and scholarships given out that night, Julianna Thrasher (12) and Adam Carillo (12) won the Mustang of the Year awards. This award is among the most prestigious awards any senior can receive. Since only two students in the entire senior class are chosen to accept this award, both of them are incredible students and overall people. Julianna, in particular, is one remarkable young lady who has a lot to offer.

Having been involved in numerous extracurricular activities, sports, and AP classes in high school, Julianna sure displayed her well-rounded self throughout the past four years. After this year, she will have taken a total of eleven AP classes, ranging from AP Chemistry to AP Computer Science to AP Spanish. Alongside her rigorous academic schedule, Julianna has also been involved in many sports throughout high school. Her freshman year, she played soccer, ran cross country, and made Varsity track, where she thrived. On top of a crazy busy life of difficult classes and competitive sports, Julianna also gave back to the community in several different ways. For instance, she was a member of National Charity League since the 6th grade. In this organization, she volunteered for different local community foundations, such as Crittenton Services and Meals on Wheels. With over 500 community service hours, Julianna certainly developed a love for helping people through volunteerism. She claims that her calling is to help people, which is why she aspires to be a doctor one day. Julianna will attend UCLA in the fall, majoring in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology.

In addition to her lengthy list of involvements, Julianna has served many leadership roles in high school. Over the past four years, she has been Spanish Club president, National Honor Society secretary, With Hope Club secretary, and a Link Crew member. On June 15th, she will graduate with academic honors from CSF and NHS. As for advice to younger high schoolers, Julianna states, “I would really recommend all high schoolers to try and go out during high school, as important as homework and studying are and getting it all completed first. This way you will make memories that you will remember for the rest of your lives instead of just remembering the many sleepless nights doing homework.”

Coming from the epitome of a well-rounded individual, Julianna understands what is important in high school and has mastered how to balance academics, sports, extracurriculars, and a social life. It is possible. Although it may not be easy to achieve, it is possible with an incredible amount of determination, persistence, belief, and willpower. Whenever someone is struggling in school, it is important to take a step back and ponder new ways of approaching the situation in a different light in order to succeed without drowning oneself in his or her studies.