Voices: YLHS Dance Concert


A poster by Dance Company advertising “Voices”. Photo credit: St Amant (Staff)

Grace Kim, photojournalist

On May 12 and May 13 of 2017, the dancers of YLHS displayed an amazing and touching performance at the El Dorado performing arts center. The event began at 7:00 pm and lasted till around 9:00 pm. Most of the 800 seats for both nights were sold out, and  this was considered a huge achievement for Yorba Linda High School dance. During this time period, Beginner Dance, Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance, and Dance Company showed off their amazing moves. In total there were 33 performances that featured an all males dance, two talented dancers from OCPAA, an alumni dance, and seniors’ individual dances. Melody Saba (10) says her “favorite was the boys dance or the World is Coming to an End dance. The World is Coming to an End dance talked about current issues we all go through.”  Not only were the dances entertaining, but also one can truly see the individuality of each period in their costumes. First period (Advanced Dance) had an futuristic/metallic theme for their first performance, and an 90’s workout wear for their second performance. While second period (Intermediate Dance) dressed up in a white crop top sweater and high waisted mesh  leggings to match their blackout performance. Third period( Beginning Dance) was wearing a 20’s hip hop outfit and fifth period (Beginning Dance) was office wear. Dance Company had a series of outfits that would take way too long to list, but of these outfits some of the most beautiful/ interesting wardrobe changes were there nude leotards that were splattered with paint as they danced and colorful dresses for the song “Audition (The Fools who Dream)”  from La La Land. All in all, the dance concert was truly one of a kind with its amazing performers and beautiful outfits.


Behind the performance:

Dancers would arrive in the El Dorado gym at around 6:00pm where they would get dressed up and put on their makeups. The positive energy and support for each period was amazing. For every performance, each class would cheer on their classmates and take pictures. The gym was large enough for the performances to individually practice or practice as a class. There were class leaders and volunteers from the students at YLHS that would monitor and make sure everything was moving along smoothly. Three performances before their own, the dancers would be brought up behind the stage. During these moments, one can say that it was some of the most nerve wracking and exciting experience. Both as a viewer and performer, the dance concert was an exciting experience.