Yearbook Dedication Award Presented To Richard Cadra


Eric Li

Above, Mr. Cadra poses in a Star Wars themed picture. Combining the two things that he loves, Star Wars and Grammar

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

Since Yorba Linda High School first opened up its doors in 2009-2010, the yearbook class, and administrator, Mrs. Shay, have carried on the tradition of awarding one staff member of YLHS the esteemed yearbook dedication award. Throughout each of these eight years, it is seen through past winners that it takes a certain type of individual to fit the bill for this honor. Therefore, the 2016-2017 yearbook dedication honor was awarded to Mr. Cadra.


Graduating from both USC and UC Irvine, Mr. Cadra possesses a different kind of intellect in which many people can not comprehend. From teaching three Honors English classes, one advanced video productions class, and one AP Photography class, Mr. Cadra is non stop aiding in the well being of the YLHS campus. His presence has been felt since the day the school opened in 2009, and his joy and excitement has never once faded. From teachers to students, Isaiah Seo (10) believes “Mr. Cadra is just simply a great teacher,” and from being in his class everyday, “he has effectively taught me much about language Arts this year, and I have greatly enjoyed being in his class.”


Brought down to the gym to so called “fix” the projector, Mr. Cadra “didn’t realize the dedication was for me until the first couple students began speaking in the video, and I had no idea my family was in the gym.” With his wife and family present, “it made an already meaningful moment that much more special.” When asked whether he was surprised on receiving the award, he replied, “I was very surprised to be honored this way. Mrs. Shay, the Yearbook students, and my own Video Productions students carried out an elaborate scheme to ensure that I was completely clueless as to who was actually receiving the award.” With the plan in full effect, Mr. Cadra was congratulated in front of Yorba Linda High School’s student body; along with Jake Johnson, Sarah Heckel, Madison Preston, Kayla Coates, and Cameron Carlson.


Some may ponder how the recipient is chosen each year; furthermore, what makes the honoree stand out from the rest of the school. Maddie Anderson (12), is a stand out leader in the Yearbook class, and vividly comprehends how the process works. “We have a class discussion about who we think is someone that is involved, dedicated, and makes an overall positive impact on the school,” and with astounding agreement, “Mr. Cadra fit into that perfectly.”


Although Mr. Cadra is thankful for his award and the “thoughtful gifts related to two things I love: Star Wars and radishes,” We here at YLHS, are just as honored and thankful to have him present on our campus each and every day.