TV Series Review: “Z: The Beginning of Everything”

This is the advertisement poster for this new Amazon TV series.

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This is the advertisement poster for this new Amazon TV series.

Bridgette Roberts, Photojournalist

Recently released for the public eye on January 27, 2017, the brand new Amazon TV series known as “Z: The Beginning of Everything” has quickly attained success. For all those people who wish they could live in the 1920s, this is the show for you.

It is based on the novel with the same title which details the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, an extraordinary southern belle from Montgomery, Alabama who seeks a wild life outside of the sheltered South. She meets and quickly marries the famous writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, who at the time was merely an aspiring author. Together, Zelda and Scott move to New York City during the Roaring 20s. At first, Zelda struggles to adjust to the scandalous lifestyle of the city, but she soon realizes that she must drop her sweet southern persona and find a new sophisticated identity. She tries everything from becoming an actress, model, and eventually chic fashion icon. It reveals how quickly NYC can change a person; this sweet southern belle transforms into a wild flapper girl in the speed of light, cutting her luscious locks and conservative wardrobe for a bold new look to accompany her soon-to-be famous husband.

After publishing his first successful book, Scott gets a taste of fame and fortune in the big city. Both Scott and Zelda become one of the most popular couples of the Jazz Age. However, with that fame and fortune comes lots of drinking and hurt too. Scott’s first novel is based on Zelda’s letters she wrote to him when they had first met. From then on, he always uses her journaling as inspiration for his works. In fact, it was often more of plagiarism that occurred rather than simple inspiration. Despite this, Zelda and Scott have a passionate and spontaneous relationship, yet they experience some bumps along the way due to problems with alcoholism and depression. Overall, this is a must-see television series. Julianna Thrasher (12) shared, “I have yet to see this new series, but it looks extremely interesting! I am definitely going to have to watch it especially since I love The Great Gatsby.”

With a beautiful, intelligent, wild main character, played by Christina Ricci, viewers are bound to fall in love with her fiery spirit. Indeed, David Strathairn plays Zelda’s traditional hard headed father Judge Sayre, and David Hoflin takes on the challenging role of the lovestruck young man-turned writer F. Scott Fitzgerald who extremely struggles with keeping up his writing career. The strong and loving Zelda serves as his rock, standing by his side among all the hardships they experience. While partying it up in the crazy lifestyle of a New Yorker in the ‘20s, Zelda and Scott evolve as characters and as a couple as they experience success and fame, as well as misfortune and loss in the highlight of the Roaring 20’s.

Combining elements of history, romance, adventure, lust, and rebellion, “Z: The Beginning of Everything” has it all. I personally enjoyed the historical aspect of the series since I was able to learn about the background of the famous author of The Great Gatsby and many other works. Interestingly enough, this series is similar to The Great Gatsby, with many of the same the settings and conflicts. Some people have even claimed that Fitzgerald based his character Daisy on his wife. All in all, this TV series should be on everyone’s watch list with its dramatic and alluring plot that never ceases to pull viewers in.