Wannabe Jihadists Flock to Syria


Courtesy of India Times

Paris Acosta, Monday Co-Editor

The Middle East is in turmoil due to the violent and aggressive jihads (holy wars in the name of Islam) fought by ISIS, the most vicious jihadists (“holy warriors”) the world has ever seen. ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is known for their strict interpretation of the Islamic law and targets everyone who is not a Sunni Muslim. They specialize in beheadings, mass executions, and public floggings. The nations of the world, including the United States, are coming together to destroy this terrorist group—their brutality demands justice.


Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. As the conflict with ISIS heightens, numerous American and European Muslim extremists seek to join radical groups in the Middle East and fight against the interests of the United States. In fact, known to actively recruit foreigners in their jihadist ranks, ISIS has already managed to lure in over 100 Americans and 14,000 other foreign fighters with videos romanticizing the “revolution.”


In an attempt to quickly prevent citizens from joining the Islamic State group, authorities in Europe and the United States have arrested dozens of jihadist “wannabes” fleeing to Syria. Don Morgan (a former police officer from North Carolina), Shannon Maureen Conley (a 19 year old woman from Denver), and a young French girl from southern France are a few of the several who were detained—these fanatics with friendly faces have all claimed that they admire ISIS’ goal of establishing an Islamic state and would willingly die for Allah.


However, despite preventative measures, many Muslim extremists were still able to travel to Syria. For example, over a dozen young Somali-Americans from Minneapolis and St. Paul have traveled to Syria and join the ranks of ISIS. The NYPD terror chief, John Miller, admits that he is “hyper-concerned” about the Americans who radicalized overseas on the presumption they’re going to return. These monsters could easily be mistaken for innocent citizens, like unsuspected college dropout, Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, who died in a suicide attack on Syrian troops in May.


Americans aiding the jihadists illustrate the threat that the Islamic State poses to the United States—they must be stopped.